Tribes of Donauinsel

01Mai11:0017:00Tribes of Donauinsel11:00 - 17:00 ThemenCommunity,Freizeit und Sport,Gender,Geschichte und Geschichten,Grün- und Freiraum,Integration und Migration,Mobilität,Öffentlicher Raum,Stadtentwicklung


Jane Jacobs is the American urbanist who inspired Eugene Quinn to
explore Vienna. She campaigned hard for community and against cars. She
explored what makes for good streetlife, and why some districts are so
much more fun and social than others. Please read her book The Death and
Life of Great American Cities. On her birthday weekend every year,
groups around the world lead walks to start debates and get to know
their neighbourhood better.

It is a walk we originally made as part of the Wir Sind Wien
Festival. We will walk from the top to the bottom of the 21km
Donauinsel, built in 1988 to slow down the flow of the river through our
city. And it is now used by lots of groups (tribes?) in different ways.
On this walk, we will meet them all.

While most Jane’s Walks focus on a graetzl, we will do the opposite.
There is zero community on the Donauinsel, since only a few homeless
people actually live there. But still it is a social place, and many
regulars know each other and feel passionately about their place on the

2022 marks the seventh year where Whoosh (and previously space and
place) lead a tour for Jane’s Walk Vienna. We thank Andreas Lindinger
for all his hard work across those years and beyond.

Please bring good shoes, sun cream and your stories of adventures on
the Island. It is a place where the Viennese now go to play and escape,
and we will do the same.

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(Sonntag) 11:00 - 17:00


Langenzersdorf railway station in Niederoesterreich (18 minute train ride from Praterstern)

Walk Leader

Eugene Quinn

Woran erkennt man den Walk Leader? (z.B. Schild, Kleidung o.ä.)

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18 minute train ride from Praterstern