Mai, 2024

Jane's Walk: 10 Academic researchers on their work in Wien now

03Mai15:0017:30Jane's Walk: 10 Academic researchers on their work in Wien now15:00 - 17:30 Schottenring U-Bahn- Haltestation, Donaukanal Str./ Vilma- Steindling- Promenade, 1020 Wien


Jane Jacobs is the American urbanist who inspired Eugene Quinn to explore Vienna. She campaigned hard for community, and against cars. She explored what makes for good streetlife, and why some districts are so much more fun and social than others. Please read her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities. On her birthday weekend every year, groups around the world lead walks to start debates and get to know their neighbourhood better.

We find there should be more dialogue between the universities of this city, and the wider population, but also between the different colleges. So we will walk right across Vienna, exploring how our city has become a top research location, with so much dialogue and interdisciplinary thinking.

We are open to your suggestions, if you know an interesting reader or student in our city, at any level of education. We want to reference the salon tradition of Vienna, and update it.

Since Eugene regularly works with many of these institutions, it is a voyage of discovery, to also learn where the students he meets actually learn or read. And after two years of pandemic, how did universities change, as places of informal exchange, joy and gossip?

The teaching staff have been protesting for years now about unfair contracts, which force them to leave Austria after eight years, to continue their research.

While most Jane’s Walks focus on a Grätzel, we will do the opposite. We will drift between isolated communities, and seek to build bridges. We want to tell the stories of the researchers‘ study.

One-in-ten Viennese is a student, which is a very high number. One third of them come from outside of Austria, like Eugene. Why do they choose to study here, and why do so many stay on after graduation? Which language are the courses delivered in, and how did the students come to understand so much German? What are the differences and rivalries between the 19 Vienna universities?

2024 marks the ninth year where Whoosh (previously space and place) leads a tour for Jane’s Walk Vienna. We thank Andreas Lindinger for all his hard work across those years and beyond.

The tour is for Free.

Walk Leader

Eugene Quinn

Woran erkennt man den Walk Leader? (z.B. Schild, Kleidung o.ä.)

He will wear phosphorescent orange trousers.

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