Mai, 2019

GMPDFR: A Storytelling Walk along the Wiener Scene

10Mai17:0020:00GMPDFR: A Storytelling Walk along the Wiener Scene17:00 - 20:00 TU entrance at bottom of Gumpendorferstrasse, 6., Gumpendorferstrasse 1a


This is a storytelling experiment, looking at the most creative street in Austria.

Join us for a free walk, exploring the interplay between location, culture and the new world of work. Gumpendorferstrasse is full of groups who interact with each other. We want to celebrate this transdisciplinary flow, and hear from various players along the street, about what it means to them to be near to others who work in related, but different, cultural sectors.

On the 25th birthday of Kulturkonzepte – who live at No. 9 – we will get together and visit sites (street art, a cafe, university, digital pioneers, musicians, perfume-makers and a rooftop) to hear stories about how the arts and innovation are developing. What are the challenges, and which new solutions are they finding?

Gumpendorferstrasse runs west from the centre of our city out to the Guertel, through the heart of Mariahilf. It is not beautiful at first sight, but has lots of fascinating details which we will explore. It has good streetlife and a young, dynamic population. Our focus is on culture, but in a looser sense of that word. Some of our commentators will come out of non-traditional fields, and provide us with insider details, secrets, and surprises. The tour is about the spirit of the street, and its psychogeography. We like very much that the road has a hill in the middle, and that it has different moods heading west, and between day and night.

And because the Viennese can be too modest, our presenters won’t talk about their own work, but each other’s. We want to build new networks and dialogue, and so at the end, we collect in a gemuetlich cafe for good coffee and cakes.

This will be the fifth year where space and place have made a walk for Jane’s Walk.

Walk leader: Eugene Quinn (space and place) alongside Institut für Kulturkonzepte

Walk Leader

Eugene Quinn, space and place

Woran erkennt man den Walk Leader? (z.B. Schild, Kleidung o.ä.)

MA 48 high-visibility Orange Trousers

Erreichbarkeit mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln

U2 Museumsquartier/Mariahilferstrasse.