Why Vienna is the best city in the world to live, in Summer 2018

Walk Leader: Eugene Quinn

Datum: 4. Mai 2018



A cool look at contemporary Vienna, beyond the clichés. Ranked #1 worldwide by Mercer Consulting, Vienna is the fastest-growing city in the EU. How has the administration managed to combine fast growth and high-quality living? We’ll discuss the concept of a ‘Smart City’, and attractive local features like Danube-swimming, cheap tasty eats and new green politics.

How is the city creatively responding to the challenges of modern life? What remains of the Red Vienna socialist project from the 1920s? Why do so few Viennese believe that they live in the best city in the world?  Perhaps because the messages the city sends out are still mostly from the 19th Century? This is a critical and intelligent new look at a place which has changed more than many visitors and locals realise. But the Austrian capital has retained its cosiness and now specialises in finding innovative new uses for beautiful old buildings. Lets celebrate a big city that still respects its citizens, and makes life easy.

This is the fourth year that space and place will present a colourful walk for Jane’s Walk Vienna. Please join us. You are surely all free at midnight, right!


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Fotocredit: Andreas Lindinger / Jane’s Walk Vienna / janeswalk.at