We are 100! Data and facts on 100 Jane’s Walks in Vienna

On Friday it finally happened: As an add-on to this year’s Jane’s Walk Vienna festival weekend Eugene Quinn walked with us along Gumpendorferstrasse – and 80 people on the walk had plenty of reasons to celebrate: The sun was shining, Vienna’s “Institut für Kulturkonzepte” celebrated its 25th birthday and we were happy that we had a loyal walk leader and an exciting topic for our 100th Viennese Jane’s Walk!

Time to look back at the first 100 Jane’s Walks in Vienna. Thus, we created an infographic with some data and facts from the past six years. Enjoy scrolling through the infographic!

And here are some photos from our 100th Viennese Jane’s Walk (click to enlarge):

Photographer: Andreas Lindinger
Photocredit: Jane’s Walk Vienna // janeswalk.at